TMT-HA600 1300W Hot-air Rework System – *Top seller*

Thermaltronics TMT-2000S-P Soldering System w/SHP-P 100-240VAC

New TMT-2000S will be based upon Curie Heat Tech hence responds toward thermal requires of each solder joint by the changing the benefit instantly, and so conference the actual standards of your own substrate component and you will solder procedure.

Curie Heat Technical performing at 470KHz. Most lightweight, weighs just 1.3KG. Zero calibration otherwise agent studies requisite. No additional coil construction will cost you.

Thermaltronics was industry frontrunners having Hot air Rework Possibilities. The TMT-HA600 hot-air product spends a giant diaphragm push and a beneficial high power 1300W heating system, built to run more challenging applications, in the removal and reflow regarding body attach portion. The brand new TMT-HA600 is the Hot air rework program of choice having big phone and you may notebook service centers around the Australia due to its highest electricity 1300W heater.

Quick heating and temperatures recuperation Easy control lets easy improvement Uses HTN Show Hot air Nozzles Digital monitor that have effortless-to-to alter temp and ventilation

TMT-PH200 IR Preheater 130mm x 130mm

New TMT-PH200 spends sensor manage views loop to control the newest infrared preheater temperature and that is suitable for leaded and you can head-free preheating process.

Flux Cleaner – Circuit Panel Vacuum

Circuit Panel Vacuum are an electrical parts cleaner and you may efficient benchtop flux cleaner, which also washes mud, moisture, soil, and rust, and you may easily cleanses waxes, oil, and you will greases. It is punctual drying out and you will suitable for very rubbers and plastics.

Routine Panel Vacuum is safe for usage for the PCBs, recording thoughts, optical and you may accuracy tools, motors, becomes deceased, bearings, air equipment, plus.

DEOX R70 Electric Guardian & Conductivity Enhancement

DEOX R70 Electrical Protector & Conductivity Enhancement are a very advanced, non-conductive electronic protector, quite effective from inside the competitive environment and you may exotic environments, also those who work in the newest commercial and you will marine markets. It is safer into plastic materials, fittings, and you may PCBs, and offers sophisticated corrosion protection from the displacing moisture and you will sealing and increasing the conductivity regarding electricity and you can digital tools and equipment, switches, contacts, relays, rings, solenoids, vehicles and you can generators, junction boxes, and you may telecommunication products, securing surfaces in every position, as well as people who got in earlier times been through water damage.

R70 handles and you can advances abreast of software because of the forming an alternative, thin film put of VCIs that do not change or meddle towards electronic resistance or magnetic services of steel counters. In addition, it dissolves corrosion to simply help for the repair out of electric conductivity, which will be a vital defensive squirt for usage during the repairs and servicing out-of electricity components.

Advanced Anti-Static Table Matting 600mm x 10M Bluish

Okay’s Static Dissapative Matting Moves are produced from sturdy rubber question and you will protected not to diminish such as for example lesser alternatives. He could be flexible, whatever the, and suitable for explore as the a great dissapative working surface dining table mat which is conductive for the opposite side.

NC Tacky Rework Flux Serum 10cc Syringe

NC Insert Flux was a zero clean desperate/rework flux available for standard touch-up or rework from released routine forums, and also for BGA rework and you will areas accessory. NC Paste Flux are used for give soldering, hot-air rework channels, convection reflow, or vapor stage soldering. Soldering residues none of them cleanup and tend to be clear and inert. NC Insert Flux is compatible with the tin-lead and you may direct-totally free metals. NC Paste Flux might be dispensed, brushed otherwise stencil released. NC Paste Flux complies for the IPC 7711-7721 practical

Point Drinking water Flux FX16 Alcoholic beverages Mainly based Zero Brush

Liquor built h2o flux getting rework, or creation motives from inside the revolution soldering (squirt fluxer simply) and you can perfect for selective soldering hosts. Zero Clean deposits just after heating Solids Stuff – dos.7%

FX16 is actually good sprayable zero-brush flux which was designed to provide exceptional soldering performance with a general techniques screen, making minimal, electrically safer flux residues – whether or not unheated.

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